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The benefits of using a fulfilment warehouse in the UK are endless, from reducing overall costs, to improved customer service and the ability to grow and scale your business, 3PL’s can be an eCommerce seller’s best friend.

A fulfilment warehouse has the space available for you to grow. For example, here at TSP, we have over 500,000 square ft of UK warehouse space. Not only this, but we have just opened up a new site in December, with another set to open in the first quarter of 2023. We’ll then have over 600,000 square ft of space that you can use to help grow and scale your business.

We also offer space guarantee, meaning that whether you need the spaces now or later, we’ll have it available and ready for you. We understand that your business needs and demands change, which is why we offer flexibility with our space as we want to help you grow. You can also make use of the established network of delivery couriers and freight forwarders that a fulfilment warehouse typically has.

Here at TSP, we are a part of an excellent global fulfilment network, comprising over 80 global fulfilment companies and totalling over 18 million ft of space. What makes it better is it’s easily accessible through our cloud-based fulfilment platform. Through this you can access the following benefits:

  • Reach any market
  • Establish direct partnerships
  • Monitor all your operations

This means that you don’t just have to stick to the UK market and can expand your business globally. Due to our well-established network, you can also gain insight into the international market to help you better understand how your products will do in different countries. Not only this, but ourselves and our partners have years and years’ worth of experience and knowledge meaning it can be passed on and utilised by you to make the most out of your business.

Reduce costs using a fulfilment warehouse

Another way in which you can grow and scale your business through a fulfilment warehouse is through the extra money you have as a result of reduced costs.
Aside from saving money on space by using a fulfilment centre, partnering with a 3pl will help you reduce your costs in the following areas:

  • Reduced labour costs – you won’t need to hire pick and pack staff as a fulfilment centre will have its own staff.
  • Cost-effective shipping and packaging – your 3PL will be able to get better rates for packaging and shipping options due to their strong relationships with providers.
  • Avoiding expensive technology and software systems – warehouses require a warehouse management system to help manage inventory, shipment and pick and pack. Good systems can be costly, but a fulfilment centre will have access to industry leading technology.
  • Reducing transport fees – you’ll be able to reduce the cost of having your goods shipped to a 3PL due to their well-established network of transporters.

Make sure your inventory is managed properly

We don’t have to tell you how poor inventory management can negatively impact your business, but here are some of the ways in which it can:

  • Imbalanced inventory – if your stock is not managed well, then it can become imbalanced.
  • Delayed deliveries – A customer may order a product that you haven’t realised is out of stock, the order would either need to be cancelled and refunded or placed on backorder, both of which can cost you money and a customer in the worst-case scenario.
  • Overstocking – You may have placed an order for stock without realising you didn’t actually need to order more, this results in you spending unnecessary money that could have been allocated elsewhere.

TSP – your go-to fulfilment warehouse

Here at TSP, we offer inventory management – supporting your business to make the right buying decisions enabling you to scale. Weprovide run rate updates on each individual SKU, we’ll inform you when you need to purchase more stock, and when to consider putting certain items on sale.
With all this and as fulfilment costs are coming down, there’s never really been a better time to consider outsourcing your operations. Speak to us today and obtain a quote. Let TSP help grow your business.

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