Shipping to foreign countries can be a little daunting, as the tariffs and customs laws will differ from what you are used to. Individually dispatching orders from the US and EU may seem challenging and impractical, particularly if you’re unfamiliar with UK fulfilment.

Not to mention, it’s not exactly the most economical method out there. Orders are likely to be delayed, and issues are bound to occur, not to mention the cost of everything adds up. Your customer will also end up having to pay extra for shipping and customs fees, which may deter them from placing their order with you. Is there anything worse than seeing abandoned online shopping baskets?

So, what’s the solution? Well, perhaps you should consider partnering with a UK fulfilment centre.

All your orders can be sent directly from a UK fulfilment centre straight to your UK customers, saving you (and them) time and money. Not only this, but it means that you save time on picking, packing, shipping, and putting away stock, as this all will be handled for you. It can be unsettling leaving someone else in control of your orders and inventory, but the benefits of doing so are extremely worth it. Let’s discover exactly what they are…

Quite simply, the market is huge! The UK’s e-commerce market holds the largest proportion in Europe. According to the Office of National Statistics (UK), the nation’s e-commerce income in 2019 totalled £693 billion GBP, growing considerably from the previous year As of February 2022, the eCommerce market income totals £2.089.6 billion, which is 27.6% of total retail sales overall.

On a sectoral basis, wholesale and manufacturing were the two biggest industry sectors that produced the most e-commerce sales in the same year. Adding onto this, the UK ranked third with retail e-commerce sales of USD $180.39 billion in 2020, trailing only China (USD $2,296.95 billion) and the United States (USD $794.50 billion).

Reduce the issues associated with international shipping

There may be issues with tracking, insurance, customs duties or shipping costs. Outsourcing with a UK fulfilment partner eradicates the potential for any issues and alleviates the stress and delay caused.

Meet your customers’ delivery expectations

The rise in sellers offering next-day shipping means that customers’ expectations on delivery times have increased. Amazon has set the bar high, so if you’re not offering at least next-day delivery, sadly, you’ll lose customers. While you may still be able to ship items quickly, delays can still be inevitable. This is why it is best to outsource to a UK fulfilment partner, as it will reduce shipping times and overall costs while avoiding the issues.

Grow and scale your business

Outsourcing with a UK fulfilment centre means you can easily grow your business and reach new customers in the UK. At TSP, we offer guaranteed space, as we understand the importance of scaling your business. It can be frustrating being unable to properly scale your business due to space restrictions. Whether you need the extra space to scale now or later, we’ve got you covered.

Improved Customer Service

Customer satisfaction and excellent customer service are at the forefront of any business’ focus. You don’t want to risk losing customers as you can’t respond to them within a reasonable time because of time zone differences. Partnering with a UK fulfilment centre means you will have access to their customer service management team, who will be able to handle all things customer service related, helping you to keep business booming while strengthening a customer’s loyalty to your brand.

Experts in UK fulfilment

Let’s say you want to launch in the UK but aren’t sure how well your products are going to sell. Well, a local UK fulfilment centre has expert knowledge of the British market, and they’ll be able to understand and share with you the best tips and pointers to excel. Local fulfilment centres are equipped with the experience and knowledge about marketplaces, and will be able to help you decide which marketplaces are best for you and your business.

Confused by how British VAT works or how to set up a VAT number? Don’t worry! Your UK fulfilment centre can run through all the intricacies of this with you, alleviating some of the pressure and uncertainty that comes with launching your business into the UK market. With an easy, flawless set-up, it’s a no-brainer.

When you partner with a UK fulfilment centre, you’re not just benefiting from having your orders fulfilled by them, you also benefit from having access to their fountain of knowledge and experience.

Launching into the UK market really isn’t as daunting as it may seem. Here at TSP, we’re here to help make the process easier for you.

By partnering with us you will have access to our dedicated account manager, who will handle all things customer service related, and we’ll help you integrate with online marketplaces. Speak to us today and start your partnership with a leading UK fulfilment company.

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