The growth of Shopify continues to accelerate, and subsequently, it is fast becoming one of the best ways to grow your eCommerce store. So, do you want to know more about Shopify fulfilment? Then let’s take a deep dive into all things Shopify and tell you all you need to know about the benefits it can bring.

In short, Shopify is a cloud-based eCommerce platform known for its easy-to-use software with over 5.6 million online stores across the globe. Users can set up stores on the platform and fulfil orders right from the comfort of their homes or by using an outsourced fulfilment partner such as a 3PL.

What benefits does Shopify offer?

Quite simply, there are many benefits provided by Shopify. Here’s a rundown of them below:

  • Shopify is cloud-based, meaning you can access all your sales data, orders, etc., from wherever you like.
  • With a beautiful, large collection of storefronts, you can make your website look amazing, which levels the playing field for smaller sellers.
  • You can sync all your shops into one platform. Shopify allows the use of third-party accounts – so if you have an eBay store, too, Shopify will allow you to connect this to your Shopify hub and integrate all of your sales data.
  • You can reduce shipping and operating costs.
    They offer 2 different subscriptions depending on what you need, giving you more flexibility and options to suit your business.
  • Plugins – With over 1200 apps available, you should find everything you want to simplify your experience/workload. They’ll cover everything from accounting and inventory to customer service.
  • Gives you a chance to grow your business and reach new customers, especially given the fact Shopify has a 24/7 support team.

Shopify orders

It’s all well and good having a fancy storefront and an easy-to-use system, but if your orders aren’t sent out on time, it’s irrelevant. If you’re pulling in a few orders a day, we recommend doing it yourself. It’s easier to manage, helps cash flow, and you’ll save little to no money and time outsourcing to a third-party fulfilment company.
However, once you’re up and running and starting to pull in lots more daily orders, then it’s time to perhaps consider using a fulfilment centre.

Why choose outsourced fulfilment?

An outsourced Shopify fulfilment company may be a better option for you because the 3PL will store, pick, pack, and ship orders for you – saving you time to concentrate on growing your business. They also have experience with Shopify orders and how the Shopify fulfilment service works, meaning they can quickly and accurately fulfil orders for you, meaning you end up with happy, loyal customers.

Outsourcing your Shopify fulfilment to a 3PL will save you time choosing the right courier, negotiating contracts, and organising collections. A great 3PL will have pricing discounts thanks to the volume of orders being shipped as well as a comprehensive list of options. Being flexible is really important. You may find that price is your only driver; however here at TSP we feel reliability is the key. Having multiple options is a must when outsourcing your Shopify Fulfilment.

Things to consider when outsourcing your Shopify fulfilment

  • Location – is the fulfilment centre in a convenient location? Central to the UK market and main hubs? Are they close to a port?
  • Services – what services do they offer? It’s best to opt for a 3PL that offers a range of services such as; customer service, returns management and top-notch systems.
  • Prices – always compare and weigh up your options, who has the best prices for you and the needs of your business? Price should never be the only driver when reviewing 3PL, but make sure you’re not being hit with charges you are not expecting nor paying over-inflated costs.
  • Reputation – always check if other companies have had a positive experience with your fulfilment centre. Ask for testimonials or seek calls with current customers and ask for recommendations. You’ll be surprised how much you can gleam from checking out their Google and TrustPilot reviews.
  • Systems and integration – Can the 3PL easily integrate with your Shopify account? Ensuring this is possible is crucial, as you need Shopify integration for a smooth operation.

Choose TSP for your Shopify fulfilment

Here at TSP, we offer Shopify fulfilment as part of our integrated services. We store, pick, pack, and ship your orders directly to your customers, as your orders come directly to us in real time. TSP has an expert customer service team who are able to handle anything from order queries to customer complaints and resolutions. Our team is always here for you and your customers, providing them with top service.
If you’re looking for a carbon-neutral fulfilment centre, that can support your Shopify fulfilment, you’re in the right place. What’s more, we can have you up and running within 5 days.

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