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It goes without saying that pick and pack is an essential part of warehouse optimisation to ensure orders are distributed double quick. A poorly optimised warehouse means only one thing – slow order times, a fading reputation and dissatisfied retailers!

So, for e-commerce retailers looking to elevate their online store to the next level, what’s the solution? Well, optimising your warehouse operations to maximise the potential that pick and pack provides is a great starting point. The relationship with your clients is essential, and there are many things you can do to gain the most from your working relationship. At the end of the day, the best fulfilment companies are there to help your e-commerce operations thrive so they are smooth, seamless and speedy.

We always want to go the extra mile and share our expertise and knowledge. So, we’ve put together this helpful little blog post, selecting our top tips covering all things pick and pack. Let’s make your online store bigger and better.

1.Define your KPIs

Without clearly defined goals and clear objectives to work towards, you are preparing to fail from the outset. If there are achievements and goals you wish to meet within a specified time frame, make your KPIs clear to the fulfilment company. A pick and pack warehouse that cares about developing your online store will outline how to improve your profits from the initial stages.

Complex KPIs that are difficult to track and measure are not conducive to maximising your operations. Thrash out the main components and ascertain the easily measurable targets. However in-depth your discussion needs to be, the fulfilment company will always prioritise the wishes of the merchant. Just as you’ll have KPIs for your e-commerce store, a fulfilment centre will have theirs, and customer satisfaction will always be their primary KPI. No matter how ambitious your targets and goals are, you can review them and tweak them where necessary as an ongoing process.

2. Take advantage of cutting-edge technology

A fulfilment centre will likely have a high-class integrated software system to manage all your inventories effectively. The right pick and pack software will help you ship orders with maximum speed and total accuracy, assist workers, and streamline operations.

When you discuss pick and pack methods with your fulfilment provider, be sure to gain a deep level of insight into the wonders of this technology and discover just how much it can improve your e-commerce operations. Technology aids growth, both for your online store and the fulfilment centre. Working in tandem to maximise effectiveness will bring better results faster.

3.Ensure clear and transparent communication

As we have touched on already, a fulfilment company always wants to see your e-commerce store grow and remain on an upward trajectory. Therefore, communication is vital! Be open and transparent about all facets of your business for both short-term and long-term goals. Fulfilment can be your store’s closest ally and be the difference between incremental growth and substantial growth.

Contractual obligations can be defined and agreed upon on both sides so long as both parties are privy to all the information and objectives set out. Schedule meetings, updates, and calls to track progress, just like you would do in a day-to-day role. Treat it as a secondary job almost, and frequently communicate with your fulfilment partner. They won’t mind at all, and they’ll even welcome it, as this helps customer satisfaction, so KPIs are aligned on both sides.

4.Share all relevant data

It is imperative all relevant data is shared with your fulfilment provider, as without it, your chances of growing your business are limited. Many online merchants that outsource can be reluctant to share data but are making a huge error in judgement by not doing so.

Developing trust in your 3PL provider will elicit great results for your online store. By providing the requisite information, your provider can analyse this and use it to elevate the service. You need that information to develop an inventory strategy, refine your product line, and reorder stock in time to avoid stockouts. You’re only going to enhance the likelihood of success for your e-commerce store.

5.Expand your Pick and Pack options

At the heart of effective pick and pack is one key ingredient – efficiency. But, the beauty of pick and pack is that there are several methods available you can trial as part of your operations. Speak with your provider to determine what options they can provide for you. Be curious and ask questions about different picking methods, and get expert insight and advice on what methods will work for your business.

You could also perform a comparative analysis, for example – batch picking versus wave picking. You may discover the perfect solution and then opt for that longer-term. All retailers will have different preferences depending on their business. Find the pick and pack trick for you and grow your business rapidly.

Pick and Pack with The Storage Place

Now that we’ve shared our infinite wisdom on pick and pack, we thought it would be best to tell you about the services provided here at The Storage Place. We’re a pick and pack warehouse that puts e-commerce retailers first, with customer satisfaction at the heart of everything we do. 

Our pick and pack methods combine effective automated processes, speed, accuracy and efficiency. We’ve got everything you could need to watch your e-commerce operations expand quickly. 

To learn more, give us a call to discuss your options and obtain a quote. We’re the experts at growing e-commerce stores. 


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