If you have products you want to sell and you are considering your distribution and shipping options, you are likely to come across three of the most common abbreviations used in this business – FBA, FBM and SFP. Below, you will find a brief summary of each of these distribution abbreviation meanings, after which we will explain each of them in greater detail, so you have a clear understanding of the differences.

  1. FBA – Fulfilled by Amazon is where Amazon is responsible for taking delivery of the products you want to sell. They will then handle packing and posting your products sold through the Amazon platform.
  2. FBM – Fulfilled by Merchant is where products sold on platforms such as Amazon are packed and shipped by the seller themselves. This could be via their own warehouse or fulfilment centre.
  3. SFP – Seller Fulfilled Prime is where a merchant can sell products through the Amazon platform, which will also display the ‘Prime Shipping’ option. However, the seller is responsible for shipping the product sold using an express delivery service, not Amazon.